Partition Magic 8.0 Full

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Key Technologies
* Partitions hard drive
* Create, resize, copy partitions
* Run multiple operating systems


* Divides hard drive into two or more partitions
* Runs multiple operating systems on the same PC
* BootMagic™ makes it easy to switch between operating systems
* Copy, move, resize, split, or merge partitions
* Guides you through the partitioning process
* Easy to find, copy and paste files in both Windows® and Linux® partitions
* Create and modify partitions up to 300GB*
* Supports USB 2.0, USB 1.1, and FireWire® external drives**
* Supports and converts partitions among FAT, FAT32, NTFS, Ext2, and Ext3 file systems
* Enlarge an NTFS partition without restarting computer
* Resizes NTFS system clusters to the most effective size

Download here

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Satellite TV 2009 Titanium Edition For PC FULL

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Satellite TV for PC is the product of more than 7 years of dedicated research and development to create an easy-to-use computer program,that legally accesses thousands of television channels from all over the world and sends them to your computer through the internet!

Main Features:

• Movies: Channels of action..comedy..romance..and just about any genre you like! And foreign movies as well!

• Sports: Channels showing baseball, football, soccer, basketball, tennis, and racing! Channels like ESPN News, EuroSports TV, GameSports TV, WHL TV, Fox Network, and Sport Star. There are channels for just about any sport you can think of... ultimate fighting, martial arts, wrestling, and boxing!

• Music: The hottest music videos from all over the world! Some channels you should check out are Deejay TV, Festival TV, Ministry Of Sound, Party TV, and Club TV! And on top of that, you also have access to over 1,500 radio stations from around the world!

• Premium Channels: Channels, including Comedy Central, MTV Overdrive, Euro TV, Discovery Channel, Broadway Network, Game Network, MovieStat Network, National Geographic, Food Network, Rapture TV, Vintage Cartoons, Show TV…and even HDTV (high definition television) channels! These are channels you may be paying a lot of money for right now…but no longer have to!

• Kids Channels: Countless channels for your kids that show cartoons and movies all day long the whole family can enjoy!

• Educational: Some of the channels you should check out are Research TV, The Academic Channel, Global Country, Strawberry TV and The Baby Channel!

• Religious: There’s a lot of programming here from channels like The Church Channel, Hope TV, Islam Channel, Kabbalah, Word Of God, and Vatican TV!

• Shopping: You can shop from all around the world…right from your couch! Channels like Gems TV, Jewelry TV, Price-Drop TV, QVC, and Speed Auction!

• News, Weather And Politics: Hundreds of channels with the latest news, weather and politics from all over the country and the world… live and uncensored! There are countless channels of ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and PBS affiliates all over the country and the world. This means if you’re from Texas but are visiting California, you can still tune in to your local favorite news station! And you’ll be more up to date than anyone you know… especially because…

• You Can Even Watch Channels That You Can’t Get From Your Cable Or Satellite Provider…Even If…You Paid Them!
TV, cable, or satellite is very regulated and controlled by our government as well as foreign governments. However you can now legally get access to these secret channels that our government doesn’t want us to see! For example, you can watch…

• Egypt State Channel that shows programming directly from the Egyptian Government!
• Aljazeera TV from Iran which shows the Iraq war live and uncensored!
• Vietnam HDTV!
• Venezuela TV, which is controlled by Hugo Chavez!
• Cubavision from Cuba!

Download here

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TED [Torrent Episode Downloader]

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- free
- saves time, no more manual searching
- no commercials in your episodes
- easy to use
- earlier than broadcasts in europe
- knows the airdates of your shows
- contains a huge list with predefined shows
- watch what you want, when you want
- ted is available in multiple languages


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Crack Adobe CS4 and games

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NEW VERSION Image To Text!

Ni ada software lumayan bagus buat bikin image jadi menarik seperti yang terlihat di sini, filenya pun ga gede cuma 0,1MB.

Bagi yang pengen nyoba image sobat jadi kayak gini silahkan sedot aja dari link dibawah ini :

Mantaaap kalo yang ini gambarnya ya.... :-D

Download Link :

More aboutAscgen2-0.9.6

Nero 9 - Lite Edition

Diposting oleh an on 3.31.20093.27.20093.22.20093.20.20093.16.20093.14.20093.11.20093.10.20093.09.20093.08.20093.06.20093.05.20093.04.2009

Bagi yang suka bakar-bakar, entah itu bakar file seperti mp3, image, video, dokumen de el el ada nero keluaran terbaru :-D yang lebih powerful buat bakar files.

Dari segi kualitas mungkin ini software yang paling powerful untuk segala urusan membakar files. Monggoh disimak dahulu nggih.


- Fast and easy rip, burn, Autobackup, and copy functions
- Backup files to CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs*
- Create professional-looking DVD movies with integrated 3D menus
- Copy, burn, share, upload, and create music mixes like a DJ
- Convert music, photos, and DVDs to play on your iPod® and other mobile devices
- Quick photo and video upload to My Nero, YouTube™, and MySpace
- Watch, record, pause, and customize your live TV experience
- Play AVCHD and other HD formats

Included Features:

- Nero Burning ROM
- Nero Express
- Nero DiscSpeed
- Nero DriveSpeed
- Nero InfoTool
- Nero RescueAgent
- ControlCenter

Download Nero 9 - Lite Edition
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Google Earth Pro Gold Edition 2009

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GOLD version:

Google Earth Pro-Gold Edition 2009:
Google Earth is a virtual globe program that lets you surf through our entire planet. You can zoom and search for your town and much more things such as school, churches etc! Google Earth Pro (Gold) is the upgraded version, it has alot of more features such as movie making or advanced printing and much more... Worth 400 $
Google Earth Pro combines the power of Google Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips.

Fly to your house. Just type in an address, press Search, and youll zoom right in.
Search for schools, parks, restaurants, and hotels. Get driving directions.
Tilt and rotate the view to see 3D terrain and buildings, or look up to explore the sky
Save and share your searches and favorites.

Download Google Earth Pro Gold Edition 2009
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Cracks Multy keygen

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100% no virus

Sedikit share gak apa kan..lumayan yang pengen instal-instal software tapi bingung gak da serial numbernya buat aktifin tuh software biar jadi full version.

Ini aku da sedikit tools crack wat cari serial number sapa tau berguna buat sobat sekalian.

Opzzz....jangan khawatir ga da virusnya loh...!!!

Adobe PhotoShop CS4 Cracking


Multi Key-gen 2009

Adobe Photoshop cs4
Adobe Photoshop cs3
Adobe Flash
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Elements
3ds Max 9
3ds Max 2008
3ds Max 2009

Multi Key-gen 2009
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Windows XP Gamer Edition V.3 ISO

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Windows XP Gamer Edition V.3 ISO - Only 82MB

Usb Polling increased to 250.
Tcp Simaltanious Downloads increased to 100
File protection removed
Unsigned themes support added

Integrated Energy Bliss Deluxe, complete with Energy Bliss Scrn saver
and Vista Cursor pack. No wallpaper (takes up valuable graphics resources).

No WGA required, bypasses right to updates.

Programs added to Desktop for optional install:

PGWARE GameBoost.v1.5.8.2006

The all-new GameBoost 1 sets the standard for PC and internet optimizing software. Based off of our GameGain and Throttle products; GameBoost increases overall speed and squeezes out every last bit of performance your computer and internet connection is capable of. Very easy to use, fully compliant with all versions of Mcft A« Windows and adjusts itself to your computer specifications. Take your existing PC and internet connection to new levels to run games faster. Bring your gaming to the next level.

Download Windows XP Gamer Edition V.3 ISO

Part 1

part 2

Part 3

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- All scripts linked up properly
- Optional PHP list, add/copy, view, edit, delete, multi-update and search pages for each table/view. (See Table Setup) Customizable table display order.
- Optional Inline-Add, Inline-Copy, Inline-Delete, Inline-Edit right in the List page
- Optional confirmation page before insering or updating record
- Pagers in List/View page
- Fully customizable View and Edit format for each field. (See Field Setup) Customizable Field
display order.

- Client-side JavaScript validation
- Optional search features (Quick, ExtendedQuick and Advanced) with search result highlight
- Optional User ID and User Level Advanced Security to protect data from unauthorized access.
(See Security Settings) Supports Parent User ID and Dynamic User Levels.
- Complete user registration system with optional user activation
- Optional HTML settings. Charset, font, CSS, HTML colors, HTML table settings with preview.
(See HTML Settings)
- Multiple Master/Detail pages
- Various PHP options. Charset, locale, default date formats, etc . (See PHP Settings)
- Saving and restoring project from Project File
- Synchronize project settings with changes in database.
- Creates virtual directory in IIS automatically
- CSS stylesheet integration
- Field aggregation (sum, average and count)
- Custom View with built-in visual query builder
- Basic reporting
- Export to HTML/Word/Excel/CSV/XML from List/View page
- Multi-column sorting
- User selectable page size
- Table-specific List page options
- File uploading to folder and database
- Dynamic table loading
- Composite key
- Highlight and select row color
- Auto-Suggest and Auto-Fill textbox
- Adding option to Selection List dynamically
- Dynamic Selection List with multiple selection support
- Auto-login and Auto-Redirect
- Multi-page update
- Audit Trail
- Email Notification on Add/Edit/Delete
- Optional CAPTCHA system
- File uploading to folder and database
- Dynamic table loading
- Server events and client scripts
- Code repository
- Fully customizable template and extensions

Download PHPMaker

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Real Player v. Gold Premium 2009

Diposting oleh an on 3.31.20093.27.20093.22.20093.20.20093.16.20093.14.20093.11.20093.10.20093.09.20093.08.20093.06.20093.05.20093.04.2009

Fast Facts about the New Real Player:

-Consumers can use the innovative, single-click process to quickly download and save
videos for later enjoyment.
-Consumers can download multiple videos simultaneously with RealPlayer, allowing people
to save time and easily multitask. Users can also start downloading in the middle of watching
a video, and the entire video will be captured.
-Consumers don’t need to worry about video format compatibility issues — the new
RealPlayer supports videos created in the most popular formats, including Flash,
Windows Media, QuickTime, and Real.
-Consumers can easily burn videos to CD (or to DVD, using RealPlayer Plus). The Video CD
format used by RealPlayer can be played in most DVD players.
-Consumers can send links of their favorite videos to their friends with a convenient “Share with
a Friend” feature. The link that arrives in their friends’ email will direct them to the online
source of the video content their friend downloaded.
-RealPlayer supports both downloading and recording for popular streaming format (Windows
Media, Real, and QuickTime)
-RealPlayer will only download/record video that is not protected by DRM (Digital Rights
Management) systems.
-RealPlayer features an improved look and feel, a streamlined installation process and faster
video playback.
-RealPlayer will first be released for Windows, and will work with both Microsoft Internet
Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Real plans a version for the Mac to be released later in the year

Download Real Player v. Gold Premium 2009

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Craagle v3.0

Diposting oleh an on 3.31.20093.27.20093.22.20093.20.20093.16.20093.14.20093.11.20093.10.20093.09.20093.08.20093.06.20093.05.20093.04.2009

Duh internet lola baru ku posting ni softwrare,ya terpaksa kudu sabar
sambil minum kopi walau mata dah merem..he..he..oke dah dilanjut,

Dari namanya ni software craagle pasti dah punya pikiran buat cari serial key..Yupzzz..!!! memang betul, cara untuk menggunakan software ini gampang tinggal menuliskan nama
software yang mo di cari kemudian pilih 3 kategori di sampingnya yang pasti untuk
menjalankan software ini terkoneksi dengan internet, jangan sampe enggak ya!!
liat dech screenshot nya dibawah:

Dari contoh diatas aku coba untuk mencari serial key software Recover MY Files kemudian tekan tombol buscar untuk melanjutkan, secara otomatis akan mencari serial key dari situs-situs penyedia crack.
Setelah selesai akan terlihat data serial key untuk versi yang berbeda-beda dari software tersebut, nah... dari situ ku cari versi terbaru yaitu versi 3.98 kemudian click 2x,.
Maka pada bagian bawah akan muncul serial numbernya kemudian copy dan pastekan ke software Recover My Files, setelah itu jadi dech full version..he..he...

Apalagi software ini standalone jadi bisa sobat pake via USB, enak kan.
Tapi ingat software ini ga selalu dapet serial key software yang akan dicari apalagi kalo software yang dicari baru keluar di pasaran.

Mau coba silahkan di sedot di bawah ini:

Download Craagle v3.0

More aboutCraagle v3.0

Alcohol 120%

Diposting oleh an on 3.31.20093.27.20093.22.20093.20.20093.16.20093.14.20093.11.20093.10.20093.09.20093.08.20093.06.20093.05.20093.04.2009

Versi terbaru Alcohol 120% dengan patch barunya yang bekerja dengan sempurna.
Software yang powerful untuk burning CD ataupun DVD dan memudahkan
untuk membuat backup dari CD ataupun DVD. kayak gini di ciptakan emang untuk backup data ke format CD/DVD
jadi gampang kalo terjadi sesuatu insiden yang mengakibatkan data banyak yang
ilang kan repot,ya kalo pake software recover si bisa tapi kalo data hardisk
numpuk untuk recovernya pun jadi lama dan memakan waktu.

Ga enak kan menyita waktu.

Due to the present legal restrictions DVD titles protected with CSS protection
can not be backed up.

Download Alcohol 120%

More aboutAlcohol 120%

Folder Lock 6.1.5

Diposting oleh an on 3.31.20093.27.20093.22.20093.20.20093.16.20093.14.20093.11.20093.10.20093.09.20093.08.20093.06.20093.05.20093.04.2009

Nah ini dia cara paling tepat untuk pengamanan data pribadi anda di Pc/notebook.Dengan software ini segala data yang tersimpan entah itu data pekerjaan, foto, video dan data penting lainya.

Biar ga rugi di hari kedepanya siapa tau jadi berabe kalo data ilang kena virus dan ada yang nyuri karena ada orang sengaja penen usil sebaiknya sedia payung sebelum turun mendung.....ha..ha...


  • Users have an option whether to Encrypt or Lock, choices useful for bothpower users and casual users. Those who want ultimate security, can chooseencrypiton. those who want ultimate speed, can choose locking.
  • There’s no longer the hassle of encrypting each and every file on differentlocations. Think how much time you will save simply by putting all yourfiles and folders in one location. Convenient encryption and decryptionhappens on-the-fly.
  • Both Encryption and Locking are exceptionally fast. No competitor is offeringthis speed while offering 100% secure 256-bit AES Encryption.
  • The Lockers can’t be deleted on the computer where Folder Lock is installedand Folder Lock can\t be uninstalled without the correct password.
  • Users who want to password protect folders on multiple locations on theirhard disk, not just on the C: drive, can easily protect their files onanother partition by copying the \Lockers\ from one place to another or bysimply using the \Lock\ feature.
  • Secure and very strong Encryption. A strong industry standard 256-bit AES Encryptionis used to encrypt your files for maximum protection. It is one of the most trustedencryption algorithms used in United States Military.
  • Folder Lock offers fully portability and it can even protect CD/DVD-RW,not just USB Flash Drive, Memory Stick and floppy disks. To protect data onthese drives, you can simply copy or burn your Locker to that drive.
  • Lockers can also be emailed to someone over the internet. They won\t be ableto see your encrypted files without your password / permission. Even ifsomeone breaks through and checks your email attachment in between,he won\t be able to decrypt or use this information without the correctpassword.
  • Folder Lock works flawlessly on all Next Technology Windows, i.e. WindowsVista / 2003 / XP / 2000 / NT. It is also fully compatible on all disk drivestypes including FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and EFS.
  • You can increase the size of your Locker by simply adding more files andfolders into your Locker. Even if you are left with little space in yourLocker, you can always increase its size.
  • Brute force cracking is not possible, since the program delays for some timeonce a password is entered. This will prevent hackers who may try many differentcombinations of passwords to get through your files. The program also producesa load beep when an incorrect password is entered, to alert the administratorof possible hack attempt.
  • Password Strength meter shows you the strength of the password as you type,while you\re setting a new password. Basic rule of thumb is to use a passwordthat is easy to remember but hard one to guess.
  • Folder Lock doesn\t save the password in the registry or the disk,preventing hackers and crackers.automatically locks or shutdown if more than five incorrect passwords areentered to try to decrypt the files.
  • Folder Lock erases tracks of users when they click the lock button.It deletes recent document history, find file and folder history and the datain clipboard when you close the Locker.
  • Protects important files from viruses, hackers, crackers, trojans, malware,spyware, worms, malicious programs and scripts. Protects files from networkcomputers if you do not want to share files on network. Also protects files fromhacker tools when you connect to the internet.
  • While using the Lock feature, users can choose to lock and hide their filessimultaneously. Locked and Hidden files are unrenameble, undeletable,unmovable and totally inaccessible. There is no limit to the size of data orthe type of files you can protect.
  • With its reduced file size and compact design, Folder Lock takes only 3.5MB of hard disk space - small, portable and easy to keep. Thanks to thelatest compression techniques. The GUI and interface is so well designed,it looks like an integral part of Windows XP.
  • Folder Lock isn\t required to run at all times. Moreover, it doesn\t saveanything to the registry/run so that users do not have any memory problemsor stability problems with the program.
Download Folder Lock 6.1.5

password : 0000
More aboutFolder Lock 6.1.5

CyberLink PowerDVD 9

Diposting oleh an on 3.31.20093.27.20093.22.20093.20.20093.16.20093.14.20093.11.20093.10.20093.09.20093.08.20093.06.20093.05.20093.04.2009

He..he...akhirnya dapet juga nich software terbaru dari CyberLink..baru cuy..Bagi yang suka nonton film dalam format DVD pake aja ni software masih fresh loh.Yang pastinya ni software powerfull untuk kategori ini.

okelah ga banyak cakap silahkan sobat lihat-lihat fiturnya

fitur baru CyberLink PowerDVD 9


• New!- TrueTheater™ HD (High-definition) - up scales the original video to a higher resolution version, which is sharper and artifact-free. It is capable of up sampling 480p video up to 1080p.

• New!- TrueTheater™ Motion - enables frame rate up sampling, from 24 fps up to 60 fps, to make panning scenes, particularly in action movies, play smoother.

• New!- TrueTheater™ Lighting (CyberLink Eagle Vision2) - video enhancement technology that dynamically adjusts the brightness/contrast/saturation ratios in scenes that are overly dark or too bright. It is optimized for LCD displays.

• New!- TrueTheater™ Stretch (CyberLink Pano Vision) - video stretching technology that produces minimal distortion in the center of the picture. It provides the best stretching solution for 2.35:1 content in widescreen.

• SMPTE VC-1 High-Definition Video

• MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) High-Definition Video

• Smart Video De-interlacing


• Dolby Digital Plus
• Dolby TrueHD
• Dolby Digital 5.1
• Dolby Digital EX
• Dolby Pro Logic IIx
• Dolby Headphone
• Dolby Virtual Speaker
• DTS 96/24
• AAC Channel support
• TrueTheater™ - Surround (Multi-channel Environment Impression Mode)
• TrueTheater™ - Surround (Virtual Speaker Mode)
• TrueTheater™ - Surround (Headphone Mode)
• Pitch scaling technology
• Audio equalizer presets
• Audio visualizations
• Direct 96/24 output

Playback Formats

• New! - AVCHD playback
• New! - AVCREC playback
• New! - BD-R 1.1 playback
• New! - BD-RE 2.1 playback
• New! - BD Profile 1.1(Bonus View) playback
• New! - BD Profile 2.0(BD Live) playback
• BD-ROM (Blu-ray Disc) playback
• BD-RE (Blu-ray Disc) playback
• VCPS for DVD+VR with content protection
• CPRM for DVD-VR with content protection
• External subtitles
• DVD files (DVD-Video, DVD-VR, DVD+VR) from any folder on your hard drive

Advanced Features

• New! - PowerDVD Cinema playback mode (with full remote control support)

• New! - PowerDVD MCE plug-in (seamless integration with Windows Media Center)

• Movie Collection Support

• Movie Remix

• Integration with MoovieLive Service

• UPnP Support - Access your media from a Home Network

• Say-It-Again - Automatically repeats the last movie scene

• See-It-All - Automatically speeds playback to show as much of the movie as possible

• Read-It-Clearly - Moves subtitles from the viewing screen

• - Available in Ultra Edition (Blu-ray Disc) only
• - Available in Deluxe version and Ultra Edition (Blu-ray Disc)

CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra v9.0.1501 ( Retail ) Final - Multilingual - Full

CyberLink PowerDVD Deluxe v9.0.1428 ( Retail ) Final - Multilingual - Full
More aboutCyberLink PowerDVD 9

Contact form

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jika ada saran atau kritik silahkan email saya

Your Name
Your Email Address
Image Verification
Please enter the text from the image
[ Refresh Image ] [ What's This? ]

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McAfee total Protection v2009

Diposting oleh an on 3.31.20093.27.20093.22.20093.20.20093.16.20093.14.20093.11.20093.10.20093.09.20093.08.20093.06.20093.05.20093.04.2009

Kalo tahun 2008 aku pake ni anti virus ini tapi kurang meyakinkan alias kurang bagus, itu menurut ku loh,tapi waktu ku jalan-jalan ke situs wuidih aku kaget alias heran malah anti virus McAfee 2009 nangkring di no.1 sebagai anti virus terbaik di th 2009.Ya...kalo menurut sobat semua gmn, kan setiap asumsi masing-masing orang berbeda ada yang bilang Avast bagus ada yang bilang Kaspersky bagus dan sebagianya bermacam-macam pandangan, kalo kaspersky sih menduduki peringkat 2 tapi sayang kalo pake kaspersky ribet kalo mo update.Tapi ga apa-apa kalo dah terlanjur instal kaspersky dan bisa update asal jangan AVG yang licence expired nya 2018 dah keren si keren tapi lemot untuk scan itupun dalam mode normal apalagi kalo dalam mode yang high,coba kalo PC/notebook sobat di drive C maupun drive D banyak folder dan data bisa-bisa 1 hari full wat scan.

Kalo dari pengalaman waktu itu notebook ku terserang Trojan variant baik yang menempel di folder atau di Sistem 32 karena dah lumayan parah kemudian ku instal AVG yang katanya lumayan bagus,saat itu untuk updatetanya di 8.0.234 langsung aku scan coba apa yang terjadi hanya kedeteksi 8 trojan tapi ku penasaran kok masih error ni notebook ya apa bener dah bersih dari trojan maklum aku tuh ga tau tentang virus jadi aku bertanya-tanya dalam hati akh masa sih dah clean.Dari pada pusing mikirnya aku coba iseng jalan-jalan ke youtube ga taunya ku nemuin tuh software Spyware doctor 2009 full version lagi,terus aku sedot aja tuh softwarenya langsung ku instal ku coba scan wuih kedeteksi banyak banget trojanya ada 38 trojan variant sedangkan AVG cuma 8 itupun dah diremove sebelumnya sama AVG 8.0.234.

Nah dari situ dah mulai enteng dah tuh notebook cuma lemot karena ku pake AVG dan spyware doctor, akhirnya ku remove spyware doctornya dan ga lama dari itu ku remove juga tuh AVG, sekarang ku pake avast.
Dah cukup itu aja pengalaman terkena serangan virus yang sungguh menyita pikiran dan ketenangan ku.

kalo sobat gimana...??? oia untuk Mcfee ini silahkan sobat bandingkan sendiri bener ga tuh ni software anti virus bagus...

McAfee total Protection v2009:

Two-way Firewall
Advanced Web Site Safety Ratings
Identity Protection
Parental Controls
Data Backup

Download click here McAfee total Protection v2009
More aboutMcAfee total Protection v2009