MiNODLogin v3.5.8.8ES (ESET Antivirus Licence Finder)

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MiNODLogin is a small application that will help us take our daily mark ESET antivirus (ESET Smart Security and NOD32 Antivirus). Its operation is simple and practical, leaving first installed the default one after you leave the antivirus integrated on each subsequent startup of the operating system checks whether the license will still work if you leave it works otherwise enter another, thus This prevents the antivirus out for lack of license.This method is always recommended to have the virus a day since the cracks, patches and other changes the registry settings or even disable antivirus to apply. If we use MiNODLogin is as if we have a legal antivirus (using the license) and that we avoid a strain virus, trojan or any of those keys on pages searched specimens are rare.

Recent changes:
Changes in version
-Correction of the bug: sometimes, the insertion fails and the window is open if licensing MiNODLogin runs during system startup.

Changes in version
-Removing fallen 2 servers.
-Added 1 new server.
-Added language: English / English.

Changes in version
-Correction of the bug: if you are using ESET SmartSecurity (ESS), it may happen that you install a license that is valid only for ESET Antivirus (EAV), leaving the ESS non-functional until you insert a new license.

Changes in version
-Add 3 new servers, Waldemar thank you!
-Are ignored / discarded licenses TRIAL type.

Changes in version
-Added quiet mode, for those who bother notification emails.

Changes in version
-Restatement of the program structure, no changes are visible to the user.

Changes in version
-Added module test servers. minodlogin.exe-test.

Changes in version
-It allows you to select the language for installation.
-Added the option Go to the official site to enable users to update the program.

Changes in version
-Fixed some flaws in the translation of the installation.

Changes in version
-Added the option "Start test server" to the menu of the program.

Changes in version
-Fixed bug in detecting the type of ESET installed (EAV or ESS), Waldemar thank you!.

Changes in version
-Fixed problems with access to the registry in Windows 64bits.

Changes in version
-Added language: Portuguese / Português through Web Land! WEB LAND | Revistas, Séries, Filmes, Games, Dicas, Notícias, Softwares e Tutoriais.

Changes in version
-Added language: French / Français thanks DirtyShady!.

Changes in version
-Minor bugs were corrected in the French language.

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