Folder Lock 6.1.5

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Nah ini dia cara paling tepat untuk pengamanan data pribadi anda di Pc/notebook.Dengan software ini segala data yang tersimpan entah itu data pekerjaan, foto, video dan data penting lainya.

Biar ga rugi di hari kedepanya siapa tau jadi berabe kalo data ilang kena virus dan ada yang nyuri karena ada orang sengaja penen usil sebaiknya sedia payung sebelum turun mendung.....ha..ha...


  • Users have an option whether to Encrypt or Lock, choices useful for bothpower users and casual users. Those who want ultimate security, can chooseencrypiton. those who want ultimate speed, can choose locking.
  • There’s no longer the hassle of encrypting each and every file on differentlocations. Think how much time you will save simply by putting all yourfiles and folders in one location. Convenient encryption and decryptionhappens on-the-fly.
  • Both Encryption and Locking are exceptionally fast. No competitor is offeringthis speed while offering 100% secure 256-bit AES Encryption.
  • The Lockers can’t be deleted on the computer where Folder Lock is installedand Folder Lock can\t be uninstalled without the correct password.
  • Users who want to password protect folders on multiple locations on theirhard disk, not just on the C: drive, can easily protect their files onanother partition by copying the \Lockers\ from one place to another or bysimply using the \Lock\ feature.
  • Secure and very strong Encryption. A strong industry standard 256-bit AES Encryptionis used to encrypt your files for maximum protection. It is one of the most trustedencryption algorithms used in United States Military.
  • Folder Lock offers fully portability and it can even protect CD/DVD-RW,not just USB Flash Drive, Memory Stick and floppy disks. To protect data onthese drives, you can simply copy or burn your Locker to that drive.
  • Lockers can also be emailed to someone over the internet. They won\t be ableto see your encrypted files without your password / permission. Even ifsomeone breaks through and checks your email attachment in between,he won\t be able to decrypt or use this information without the correctpassword.
  • Folder Lock works flawlessly on all Next Technology Windows, i.e. WindowsVista / 2003 / XP / 2000 / NT. It is also fully compatible on all disk drivestypes including FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and EFS.
  • You can increase the size of your Locker by simply adding more files andfolders into your Locker. Even if you are left with little space in yourLocker, you can always increase its size.
  • Brute force cracking is not possible, since the program delays for some timeonce a password is entered. This will prevent hackers who may try many differentcombinations of passwords to get through your files. The program also producesa load beep when an incorrect password is entered, to alert the administratorof possible hack attempt.
  • Password Strength meter shows you the strength of the password as you type,while you\re setting a new password. Basic rule of thumb is to use a passwordthat is easy to remember but hard one to guess.
  • Folder Lock doesn\t save the password in the registry or the disk,preventing hackers and crackers.automatically locks or shutdown if more than five incorrect passwords areentered to try to decrypt the files.
  • Folder Lock erases tracks of users when they click the lock button.It deletes recent document history, find file and folder history and the datain clipboard when you close the Locker.
  • Protects important files from viruses, hackers, crackers, trojans, malware,spyware, worms, malicious programs and scripts. Protects files from networkcomputers if you do not want to share files on network. Also protects files fromhacker tools when you connect to the internet.
  • While using the Lock feature, users can choose to lock and hide their filessimultaneously. Locked and Hidden files are unrenameble, undeletable,unmovable and totally inaccessible. There is no limit to the size of data orthe type of files you can protect.
  • With its reduced file size and compact design, Folder Lock takes only 3.5MB of hard disk space - small, portable and easy to keep. Thanks to thelatest compression techniques. The GUI and interface is so well designed,it looks like an integral part of Windows XP.
  • Folder Lock isn\t required to run at all times. Moreover, it doesn\t saveanything to the registry/run so that users do not have any memory problemsor stability problems with the program.
Download Folder Lock 6.1.5

password : 0000

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